The West in The Soviet Caricature: Vietnam War

I think I am the only one who finds these things interesting, but since I wasted all the time extracting and uploading all the old caricatures, you get to look at more of them.

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Behind The Iron Curtain: Satire

The following set of caricatures from the Soviet satirical magazine Krokodil is indicative of the treatment of the Vietnam War in the Soviet press. While stepping up the propaganda war, the Soviet Union was quietly shipping ammunition and advisers to Vietnam. During my army years, I served with a guy who was one of the Soviet military advisers in Vietnam; according to him, they were forbidden from displaying any kind of Soviet insignia, didn’t wear the uniform and pretended to be either some kind of sports trainers or construction workers.

To The Wall

Bravery Elixir: American Military admits that 50% of the troops in S.Vietnam use drugs
Hello Jack, look our troops are being withdrawn. (Sign points to Indochina)

Stars predict that we won’t leave from here alive .
Parallels: Troops are leaving S.Vietnam
– Why do you need a tie? -What if I have to speak at the press-conference for the prisoners of war in Hanoi…
American artillery shell in Indochina (Helmet is captioned “Saigon”)
American Catamaran near Vietnamese shores: Pentagon and Military-Industrial Complex
Peacemaker at work: While declaring peaceful intentions in Indochina, American military renewed predatory and barbaric raids over the whole territory of the Democratic Republic Of Vietnam
Abrupt stop (Missile caption:Vietnam War)
Footprints: Secret Pentagon Archives about the war in Vietnam
Friends, following your demands, we pulled this battalion out of Vietnam! Protesters are holding signs “No to War!”, “Bring back the troops immediately!”
Genealogical Tree of the Smith Family: William – killed in Vietnam; Michael – killed in Laos; John – killed in Cambodia
And they say we didn’t learn anything from the war in Vietnam: Government uses tear gas to disperse demonstrations. 
Top:- Your task is to cover the 5th Saigon Division (holding the map of Laos); Bottom: Reporting, the 5th Saigon Division is covered.
On the streets of Saigon

As you can see, Gentlemen, there are still plenty of white spots “untouched” by the civilization.

Well, General, you’ve built and excellent highway through Indochina.
Stuck (to the flypaper)
Transmission from Vietnam
To Peace in Vietnam
She is being killed daily in Vietnam
Americans in Vietnam: How dare you, dirty n****, standing next to me!
American aggressors are trying to unload the military burden on the army of the Saigon marionettes
Children of Freedom: To Vietnam!
Big changes in Vietnam: Now you sit in front!
Ceremonial Withdrawal of troops:American propaganda is trying to present the withdrawal of 25,000 troops as a big step to peace, while not mentioning half a million troops still in the country
Choked up…