• Somewhere in Kansas

    Just a few photos here and there…

    Prehistoric squirrel discovered along my walking trail:

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  • Old Photos: Sowing The Seeds Of Financial Success

    This is an interesting set of photos depicting stock salesmen from Bache & CO. selling their wares to Kansas farmers on location.

    Life Magazine published these photos on Dec 8, 1958 in the article Grass Root Gold for Wall Street.

    Stock talk engrosses Mrs. Alice Watson, Salina, Kan. antiques dealer and Harry Nickelson of Bache
    Wall Street goes West, in persons of four salesmen from Bache & Co Salina, Kan office. Nattily standing in a winter wheat field are (from left) Bob Muir, Kelly Slaughter, Lyle Fackler, Harry Nichelson. They serve a growing list of farmer-investor, do not always dress so dudishly.

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  • Summer Gourmet: Ice Cream

    Say you foolishly participated in a weight challenge and now look like a sad sack of skin and bones, or maybe you just feeling a few pounds short of your ideal weight or, perhaps, you just love ice cream. Well, you are in the right place, I’ll have your weight problems corrected and your ice cream cravings satisfied without much effort, expense or experience ( this is what we call “alliteration” in the business).

    This recipe comes to us via Russian bloggers in Israel, who saw it in some Israeli magazine, which, in turn, took it from Jamie Oliver, who based it on an Indian dessert called kulfi. After various translations not only from three or four different languages but from left-to-right to right-to-left I don’t think it can be called “kulfi” any longer, so we’ll just call it ice cream. This recipe does not require any special ice cream-making machinery or weird tools, no ice-salt mixtures or whatever else you remember from your long-gone childhood on the farm (everyone knows you made it up anyway); you’ll need a blender and a mixer or something that will do blending, mixing and whipping.
    The ingredients: one can of sweetened condensed (not evaporated) milk, 2 cups of cream, fruit of fruit pulp of your choice.
    No, this this not a pigeon egg, it’s actually an extra-large egg that I used to demonstrate the size of this Chernobyl-bred strawberry.

    I also used pineapple.

    Load both into a blender and turn into pulp. You may need a splash of liquid to get the process started, I used some mango juice because it’s good for you.

    Add the whole can of evaporated milk (it does your body good, so don’t be skimpy, it’s your body we are talking about here):

    It should look like this:

    Place into a freezer for 30 minutes to 1 hour until it starts to freeze up on top. Fight the desire to drink it all right away. In the meantime whip about 2 cups of cream (not half-and-half or who knows what) until it looks like whipped cream.

    Mix in with the fruit-milk concoction from the freezer:

    Back to the freezer it goes for another 6 hours or overnight. You can be creative and make popsicles out of it or make layers or draw Sponge Bob on it, I’ll be eating mine while you playing with your food.
    You shouldn’t feel guilty about eating it at all: it has multiple servings of fruit, milk (for strong healthy bones), no fillers, paint, preservatives and it’s probably low-fat, just take my word for it, and every word I say must be true because I have a European accent.
    Happy ice cream-making.

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  • Vitamin S

    Starting in 1954 the Sugar Information, Inc. published ads in the  Life Magazine and others promoting the health and weight-loss benefits of sugar. Of course in the 1950’s the sugar was delicious, healthy and local, not the corporate white death we have to eat today. Girls used it for an energy boost during a long school day; women used it for dieting so they can look good on the beach; men used it for penis enlargement …well, ads didn’t actually mention men so no one knows what they used it for.

    I want that America back. Free of disgusting diet drinks and sugar-free Jell-O. Where sugar slimmed you down instead of making you fat. Where sugar cured diabetes and cancer. Where you could eat a teaspoon of sugar to keep you from getting hungry between other teaspoons of sugar. I want this awesome America back.

    That’s why I will be voting for Ron Paul in November even if he is not on the ballot and I am not registered to vote.

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  • Behind The Iron Curtain: 90 Years of the Soviet Counterintelligence