• Road Trip Science

    During my recent road trip to Hutchinson, KS I have measured and recorded the following data:

    Insect Population of The State of Kansas

    Insect Population of The State of Kansas

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  • Almost April Fools

    A full-blown winter storm in March? Check!
    An incorrect, rapidly changing weather forecast? Check!
    Scary drive home? Check!
    Making it home alive to write about it – priceless!

    If you don’t feel like getting out, I shot a little clip for you.

    And the rest of my photos:

    By the way I still think weather forecasters should be arrested for the incorrect predictions.
    UPDATE: I mentioned in comments what the weather forecast used to look like in my childhood and here is a video from November 2, 1977. This is for the whole country;they just list general areas, conditions and temperature ranges (in C°).

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  • Old Photos: Kansas City 1938

    Google tweaked something in its Life Magazine Archives search and now I am finding some of the best photos I was ever able to post on this blog. This batch was taken by the Life photographer William Vandivert in 1938. I can’t place most of these, so feel free to comment.

    © Time Inc. William Vandivert

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  • Jewish Veterans Museum

    I had various ideas for a post about Jewish War Veterans during the Jewish American Heritage month, but none of them worked out so I just went to the Jewish Community Center and took some (low quality) photos of the displays presented by the Jewish War Veterans MO/KAN Post 605.

    For a professional online exhibit on the subject please visit: Jewish Veterans of World War II.

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  • It takes a foreigner…

    On 10/21/07 this country celebrated 15 years since I joined with the “tired, … poor,
    …huddled masses yearning to breathe free”
    when I first set foot at the Kansas City International Airport. I had a long journey in front of me, full of discoveries, surprises and even more surprises. I watched, I listened and learned about this country, people who live here and “The American dream”.
    Over the years I learned that many things are not what they appeared to be from behind the iron curtain. As an old American saying goes: grass is always greener on the other side of the iron curtain. For example, Kansas City International Airport is not so much “international” and Yakov Smirnoff is not really a “dynamite Russian comedian”.
    Being a foreigner (albeit an American Citizen for the past 10 years) automatically makes me an expert on all things American.
    I don’t vote, and that gives me the right to bitch about the morons who elected current president, and all the other elected officials from senator down to mayor,as well as the morons who will elect the next batch of representatives. The only acceptable vote for the past 15 years would have been “none of the above” and I consistently voted that way by just sitting on my ass on election day.
    English is my second language and that gives me the right to make up my own words and rules of grammar, as well as substitute any words I don’t know with a four-letter word of my choosing, and I am an expert in that area. I don’t want to hear any complaints about my English skills. I am a better speller than 99% of native speakers.
    Over the years I was surprised to discover that unbelievable amounts of bullshit are being dumped on average American citizen on daily basis. Bullshit totally covers this country, clogs up hearts and minds of it’s citizens, controls policy matters, elections, education, medical care and love life. It takes a foreigner with a steady hand and a special shovel to uncover the truth from underneath the layers of bullshit lovingly piled on the average American. So here I am…. and I am ready.

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