Behind The Iron Curtain: Siege of Leningrad In Posters

January 18, 1943: In a winter offensive, the Soviet Red Army drove westward, capturing Velikye-Luki on January 1st, near the border of the Byelorussian S.S.R. This offensive resulted in the relief of Leningrad after a 17-month siege by Axis forces.  

The West in The Soviet Caricature: Vietnam War

I think I am the only one who finds these things interesting, but since I wasted all the time extracting and uploading all the old caricatures, you get to look at more of them. If for some reason you want to see more, please don’t hesitate to click on my previous posts. The West inContinue reading “The West in The Soviet Caricature: Vietnam War”

Every Question I’ve Ever Been Asked About Russia…

…is covered in this video. Russian and Ukrainian dancing, Siberia, drinking, cold, snow, vodka, Hammer and Sickle, Lenin, Stalin, balalaikas, dancing bears, tanks, ushanka-hats, and more. If there is something else you wanted to know that is not covered in my groundbreaking Behind The Iron Curtain series, this would be a good time to ask. IContinue reading “Every Question I’ve Ever Been Asked About Russia…”

Victory Day May 9th 1945

Over the years this blog covered the Victory Day (or VE Day as it’s known here) more than once. This year I will just publish a compilation of links to my previous posts.

Behind The Iron Curtain: Pop Music

A new video clip by a popular duo Potap and Nastya Kamenskih is made in the style of the Soviet VIA – Vocal-Instrumental Ensembles – which dominated the music scene of the 1970’s and 80’s.