Behind The Iron Curtain: Siege of Leningrad In Posters

January 18, 1943: In a winter offensive, the Soviet Red Army drove westward, capturing Velikye-Luki on January 1st, near the border of the Byelorussian S.S.R. This offensive resulted in the relief of Leningrad after a 17-month siege by Axis forces.


Youth of the City of Lenin!** Let our selfless work help the Red Army to crush and destroy the enemy!

Medal for defending Leningrad is not only source of pride and honor. Not only a precious reward for what was and what is. Military honor is not just in the past. Moving forward - that's what's important more than anything. It call to kick the enemy out of the gates of the City. Crushing fascists like a fiery lava, pierce their hearts with the steel bayonets. The medal will shine with our honor and in enemy's death!
Master your weapons, Leningrad brothers. To beat the enemy you need to know the art of war.
Revenge the blood of Kirov (Leningrad Communist Party leader killed likely on Stalin's secret orders). Fire on the fascist beast!
(Top left) They are holding onto every step, trying to delay their defeat. But all the enemy's efforts are for nothing. We hold the initiative now and the rusted out broken down machine of Hitler's machine cannot withstand the pressure from the Red Army. (Top right) Bayonets are marked with the names of the Soviet fronts.
Hands off Leningrad! (lists various failed invasions and predicts fascists will fail as well)
Baltic Fleet: Enemy cannot get into our city. They won't drink out of our river. It's guarded by the Baltic Fleet, the Navy of the Soviet Union. Like a steel wall, they are protecting our beloved City and the Baltic winds sing about the heroic days of Leningrad.
Even though the cursed enemy is getting madder, our Baltic Fleet is only getting stronger. In the New Year we will win and they will find their graves.
Patriots, learn to respond to the enemy with the rifle, with the machine gun, with the grenade and with the bayonet!
All forces to the defense of the City of Lenin!
Defend Leningrad!
Just like the Russian Folk hero slayed the dragon, destroy the enemy with the sword and a bullet.

*posters originally published here, captions are mine.
**Leningrad literally means City of Lenin or Lenin City.