The West in The Soviet Caricature: NSA Edition

We interrupt less than intense vacation coverage to bring to you a Soviet cartoon I recently found in the 1955 issue of the satirical magazine Krokodil.

Old Photos: Surviving a Nuclear Blast

We were driving on I-70 when my Mom saw the billboard for the Churchill Memorial in Fulton, MO. I told her what I knew about the “Iron Curtain” speech; the American experience during the Cold War; the radiation drills; famous videos of kids hiding under their desks; even the fallout shelters in Kansas City.

Old Photos: Another Day In The USSR

Few years ago I marked up some Life Magazine photos made in the 1950’s USSR in the style of long-gone Pop-Up Video. Old Photos: One Fine Day In The USSR Old Photos: One Day In The Soviet School Only because I have all this time to waste like to entertain the readers of this hereContinue reading “Old Photos: Another Day In The USSR”

Ebertskiy: Soviet Movie Critic Reviews Star Wars

UPDATE: My Facebook conversation with Alan Scherstuhl inspired The Joys of Russian Star Wars: Meet Tripeo, Erdva Dedva, and Obi-Wan Knob I had this article saved up for some time but only now got around to translating it. To the best of my knowledge, the Star Wars were never shown in the Soviet Union, at leastContinue reading “Ebertskiy: Soviet Movie Critic Reviews Star Wars”

Old Photos: Women of the USSR

Sometime ago I was arguing on twitter about the number of women in the medical profession in the USSR. While I knew I was right (because I am always right), my opponent ridiculed my anecdotal references, like a number of female doctors I visited in my childhood, or a number of female students in myContinue reading “Old Photos: Women of the USSR”