Soviet National Exhibition in New York City

The Soviet National Exhibition in New York City was the outgrowth of a new emphasis on cultural exchanges by both the United States and the Soviet Union in the late 1950s. In January 1958, the two nations signed an agreement designed to increase cultural contact and specifically cited the “usefulness of exhibits as an effectiveContinue reading “Soviet National Exhibition in New York City”

Old Photos: Nixon Goes To The USSR

Life Magazine reported on the Nixon’s trip to the USSR in its August 1959 article “The Vice President in Russia – A Barnstorming Masterpiece.” The only reason for this post is the photo of Nixon in a miner’s hardhat.

Old Photos: A Marriage Palace in Leningrad

Every person who grew up in the Soviet Union has photos like these stashed in their dusty¬†photo albums. Not all Marriage Palaces used to belong to the Czar’s family but any self-respecting city had a place where the new units of society were forged or at least registered under the watchful stare of Jesus ChristContinue reading “Old Photos: A Marriage Palace in Leningrad”

Behind The Iron Curtain: Siege of Leningrad In Posters

January 18, 1943:¬†In a winter offensive, the Soviet Red Army drove westward, capturing Velikye-Luki on January 1st, near the border of the Byelorussian S.S.R. This offensive resulted in the relief of Leningrad after a 17-month siege by Axis forces.  

Old Photos: A Day in Life of a Soviet Medical Student

These photos are interesting to me because my Father was going through the medical school about the same time (1963) and some of the situations are similar to what I have in our own photo albums.