Political Correctness

Old Soviet Joke:
Russian and American discussing freedom of speech:
A:In America we have Freedom of speech. I can stand in front of the White House and yell “Fuck Reagan” and nobody will do anything to me.
R:Big deal! I can stand in front of Kremlin and yell “Fuck Reagan” and nobody will do anything to me either.
This joke was really funny in 1970s if you lived in the USSR

Freedom of speech is something Americans are very proud of. Freedom of speech is cherished, guarded by courts at every level, mentioned by every American at least once a day. KKK, flag burnings, weird art, porn and much more are allowed in this country because of freedom of speech and expression. And there is nothing wrong with any of that. If you feel like burning a flag you should be able to. After all, is this a bigger degree of desecration than making it into a pair of gigantic underwear for a fat schmuck? I think not!
The same freedom-of-speech loving Americans, who on any day will fight to death to protect it, allowed it to be destroyed from within. In this country you cannot do or say whatever you want anymore and the reason is Political Correctness. I would like to submit to you that Political Correctness and its derivatives such as pressure groups, various organizations and coalitions are slowly chipping away at one of the cornerstones of American Culture and will eventually cause its degradation and even demise.
I am no expert in English but what’s wrong with words such as black, blind, fat, retarded, crippled, bald and many others? How come using these became offensive? These words precisely describe certain characteristic of a human being, so why do I have to call a fat person- weight challenged, obese, heavy, BBW (really?), overweight? I once flew on the plane next to a fat (size-challenged) black (African-American) guy. He was so fat (morbidly obese) that his ass was not able to touch the seat cushion, resting on the armrests. The rest of his body overflowed into my chair threatening to bond with me by the end of the flight or squeeze me to the point of becoming a diamond. I was saved by a PC stewardess (flight attendant?) who instead of asking the passenger to buy two tickets-one for him and another one for his ass ,just asked him politely to take an empty seat in the emergency exit row when he clearly couldn’t fit through the exit.
I certainly understand that some words are offensive to some people. One of the more famous ones is the “n-word”. Who really thinks that saying “n-word” instead of the real n-word makes it any better. I am no stranger to derogatory words. In Russian language there is a derogatory word for Jews. This word has been thrown at me, my parents, my friends. It really didn’t kill me but it wasn’t pleasant. I of course didn’t even think about getting this word banned, firing or arresting people who used it or making them apologize. I just thought to myself that people who used it were morons and why should I even concern myself with morons. How can you even ban a word? The cardinal difference that I see between this word and the n-word is that between us -Jews we didn’t throw this word around at the same time expecting no one else to use it. Germans used it before sending our ancestors to die so why would we use it ourselves. Apparently this reasoning doesn’t work for everybody.
One after another people have be ostracized for making offensive remarks: Imus, Michael Richards, Mel Gibson, Dog The Bounty Hunter and many others. They almost got Halle Berry but she was fast enough to apologize. So she made another big Jewish nose joke. Last time I looked I have a big nose. Joke away! Freedom of Speech says these people did nothing illegal but they had to apologize to everybody and their brother, swear that they didn’t mean it, their best friends are black or jewish, they were drunk, crazy, lost control, etc. Everybody and their brother knew they meant it, fake outrage was overwhelming. In the end Freedom of speech succumbed to Political Correctness.
This turned into a big giant opus and I didn’t event get to fat people. To be continued…