Fat Americans, then and now

Fat people are in the news again (via TKC). As a fat person myself (albeit about 30 lbs lighter than before) I don’t feel sorry for any tubs of lard walking around this country. The secret to fitness is well known- eat less and exercise, and one of these days I will talk about how political correctness and artificial foods help make people fat.
In the meantime, yesterday I was sharpening my American classic movie knowledge watching “The Greatest Show on Earth” and this particular episode attracted my attention. So “l-a-a-adies and gentlemen, children of all ages,without further ado presenting The Giant and The Fat Boy” from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus circa 1952. Yes, the guy shopping next to you at Wal-Mart was actually displayed for money in the freak show only 55 years ago. Make your own conclusions.