And speaking about people I could live without…

I don’t listen to FM radio. It plays the same music over and over interspersed with semi-retarded DJ’s remarks. The only FM show I like is the Johnny Dare Morning Show because it’s funny and he seems like a genuinely nice guy especially with all the charity work he does. If I am in my car outside the hours of 6 to 10AM when Dare’s show is on, my radio is tuned in to 980 KMBZ AM I don’t necessarily like all their programs, some are better than others but they offer a variety that FM stations lack.
Sometimes I like what the show host has to say, sometimes I would yell at the radio when some moron is calling in but what drives me crazy without fail is what they play during commercial breaks. Several years ago her commercials seemed fresh with annoying nagging voice that’s hard to tune out, unusual sales pitches and some humor that only local would understand. I am talking about Tracy Thomas -producer of the most annoying aggravating commercials ever. After listening to her productions for years I would not hesitate to personally drive her to the Mexican border at my own expense and drop her off on the other side. And the guy who does her “airman” commercials using words such as “schnozzle” will get a free ride too.Yes, she drilled the names of her clients into my head, I can probably recite more then 5 of them with their businesses and phone numbers. These would be the businesses that I would never hire. You mess with my head, you pay, Tracy Thomas. Stay away from my radio.
P.S. I toned down my usual “should be shot” resolution to “should be deported” just because I am nice.