• http://twitter.com/tacitkc Tacitus

    Do you suppose the concept of the “Greatest Generation” will ever be tarnished by virtue of sending some 53,000 of their own children to die in this mess?

    • http://kcmeesha.com kcmeesha

      I think the Greatest Generation became the greatest in spite of the circumstances; even during the WWII the government and the military command didn’t care about the casualties, it just happened so that the cause was just, so we view it as a sacrifice for the good. I don’t think people who were stuck in other wars are any less great, it’s just in the historic context they fought or died for no good reason.

  • dylan

    the best one was the catamaran off of vietnam.. they had propaganda for america as a military industrial complex, and we had the same propaganda against them

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  • Will Wright

    Thanks a lot for putting this up! It really helps me with a paper that I am writing about the role of vietnam in anti-US Soviet propaganda.. all the best!

    • http://kcmeesha.com kcmeesha

      Very welcome.

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