Refund For Kansas Residents Paying Kansas City Missouri Earnings Tax

Attention: Read Important Update  Attention: Read Another Important Update Following the Supreme Court ruling in Comptroller v. Wynne Kansas residents are allowed to amend their taxes and claim a refund of the amount of the Kansas City, Missouri Earnings Tax that was previously double-taxed. Just so it’s clear, you are not getting a refund from Kansas City, Missouri,Continue reading “Refund For Kansas Residents Paying Kansas City Missouri Earnings Tax”

Wilma’s Real Really Really Good Food

On the day we went to eat at Wilma’s Real Good Food, the real Wilma, Brett’s Mom, was helping around the trailer. That’s why I had to scrap my original clever titles Inside Wilma’s and Wilma’s Under The Covers. Seeing Wilma talking to customers and helping her son was just as much fun as actuallyContinue reading “Wilma’s Real Really Really Good Food”

Personal Recollections Of The Terrible Kansas Blizzard of 1886

We interrupt our tropical coverage to bring you this gripping account of the Blizzard of 1886¬†(or as we call it in present “Tuesday”)

Kansas: As Red As You Think It Is

Recently through the magic of Facebook an article came to my attention. Bruised Kansas by Jeffrey Ann Goudie¬†laments the transformation of the State of Kansas from a state on the forefront of racial equality and “proud history of women in politics” to a state where Governor Brownback autocratically imposes his “boilerplate political agenda”. The onlyContinue reading “Kansas: As Red As You Think It Is”