Russian Police (Militia) Gets New Uniforms

Russian Police, known as Militia or Militsiya doesn’t enjoy much respect among the people. They are known for corruption, ignorance, skirting the law, unfairness, carelessness, disrespecting the people they’re supposed to protect and periodically arresting some of the people when no laws had been violated.

Since not too many of you will ever come face-to-face with these guardians of law, you may find these photos entertaining. Pictured are reportedly the new Militia uniforms, continuing in the fine traditions of the old Soviet ugliness and institutional design. Looks like the models are the real men and women of the Russian Militia; it’s hard for anyone else to imitate the indifferent, self-important faces, with dead eyes and no sign of mental activity.

For today’s musical number I present the song “We Are The Moscow Militia”:
We have one tradition we can’t forget – We are the people’s Militia, people are our friends.

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