Old Photos: A Day in Life of a Soviet Medical Student

These photos are interesting to me because my Father was going through the medical school about the same time (1963) and some of the situations are similar to what I have in our own photo albums.

Russian Gourmet: Cheese-niki

I knew there was a post somewhere on this blog about the Russian pancakes made with Farmer Cheese for which I coined a term cheese-niki, but when my sophisticated gastronomical friend Katrina posted a recipe on her blog, I thought it was time to revisit the subject. There must be some unfortunate reason why the American people areContinue reading “Russian Gourmet: Cheese-niki”

Russian Gourmet: Mushroom Soup With Barley

Well, I am actually not so sure about it being Russian, but it’s definitely a gourmet recipe shared by my Mom. What prompted me to make it was a visit to a local soup place where I paid four dollars for a ladle of mushroom soup. For some reason that price really bothered me; I’veContinue reading “Russian Gourmet: Mushroom Soup With Barley”

Message in a Sputnik

A recent article on a forum based in the Russian city of Yaroslavl attracted my attention. It talks about a time capsule that was sealed in 1960 to be opened 50 years later during the 1,000th birthday of the city.