Victory (in Europe) Day

Today is the Victory Day or as it’s known here – Victory in Europe day. I wrote about it last year and I don’t have much to add – not much has changed except the number of veterans who are still with us is getting smaller every year. Instead I will link to a post from a very talented photographer and one of the most popular Russian bloggers about an effort to finally recover the bodies of the Soviet soldiers lost on a battlefield, uncover their names if possible and more than 60 years later give them the honors they deserve. There are hundreds of thousands soldiers in the fields like this one, one of them is my Grandfather.

Monument To The Soldiers Made By The Search Team
Monument To The 146 Soldiers Made By The Search Team

The article is translated by Google Translate so the quality may not be perfect but I wanted you to see the photos. These people are true enthusiasts and doing this pretty much on their own time and hardly any financial help. Towards the bottom are some photos of the German Cemetery financed and maintained by the German government.

This song titled “The Victory Day” became an anthem of this day:

This Victory Day
Saturated with the smell of gunpowder,
This is a holiday
With gray hairs on temples,
This is joy
With tears in our eyes,

Victory Day!

Victory Day!

Victory Day!

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