Sitting Down For The Road

We don’t have many traditions in my family. We don’t sit around the Seder table asking questions; we don’t eat Chinese food on Christmas; we don’t have Taco Tuesdays or Gefilte Fish Fridays. We are pretty ordinary people in that sense. Or every sense. There is one tradition that I’d like to keep and pass alongContinue reading “Sitting Down For The Road”

How I Was A Yiddish Singer

The mid-1970’s, when 7-year-old me was roaming the mean streets of Odessa, was a great time to live there. Odessa’s Jewish population somewhat recovered from the devastation of the World War II and the pogroms and devastations before that and, while the Soviet Government had a firm grip on the emigration spigot, prospered as muchContinue reading “How I Was A Yiddish Singer”

In My Day: Medicine

It’s no surprise that I find a lot in common with people 30 year older than me – we share similar memories. But since I am physically not old enough to retire to a front porch where I’d whittle and chase kids off my lawn, occasionally telling educational “in my day…” stories to anyone who would listen, I have toContinue reading “In My Day: Medicine”

Happy New Year!

So we made it another year, which went by so fast it didn’t even pause for the end of the world. Apparently I have a habit of writing nostalgic retrospective posts around this time of the year, and this being the fifth year of this here blog they are all starting to look the same;Continue reading “Happy New Year!”

Old Photos: Missouri Meerschaums

Little Midwestern town of Washington, Mo. is the world’s corncob pipe manufacturing center. When about 1870, a Missouri farmer made himself a pipe out of a hollowed-out corncob, he invented something which has brought a unique industry to Washington, Mo. Since then the Missouri Meerschaum Pipe Company, the world’s biggest corncob pipe maker has madeContinue reading “Old Photos: Missouri Meerschaums”