Kansas State Fiddling and Picking Championships

One weekend last year I was looking for something to do (for free) and noticed an announcement about the Kansas State Fiddling and Picking Championships which coincidentally will be conducted this year on August 23-24 in Lawrence, KS. My appreciation of music is limited, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate someone’s superior skill and I have to say that the performers at last year’s championships were amazing. And I did like the music. The atmosphere was picnic-like, several stages, bring-your-own-chair-or-blanket-type seating, food vendors and souvenirs – the usual. Plus a good reason for a nice day trip to Lawrence. There are many various instruments fiddle, guitar, banjo, pretty much anything with the strings.  Weather permitting, I will be driving there on Sunday the 24th around 10-11 AM. Oh and did I say it was FREE?

Here are some videos I took last year:

I also took plenty of pictures (click to see the set):

Fiddling and Picking Championships, Lawrence KS, August 2007

But even if there was no picking or fiddling, or food, or people, my trip would have been fulfilling anyway because I saw this guy with a railroad tattoo on his face and a matching hat (click to see detail) :

It was like seeing Jesus on a common household item but much, much better.

See you in Lawrence!