Avoid FORD Focus With Defective Transmission

In case you are shopping for a late model Ford Focus I am here to urge you to reconsider. The car looks good inside and out and given the popularity of the previous Focus model and a reasonable price you may be tempted to buy one, but you will be making a costly mistake, unlessContinue reading “Avoid FORD Focus With Defective Transmission”

How To Not Look Like A Sex Offender At Forever XXI

There is an unsung band of heroes in this world, people who walk on the edge every day of their lives, people who voluntarily place themselves in uncomfortable situations despite the dirty looks, disgusted eye-rolls and a real danger to end up on one of those registered sex offender lists. These people are fathers ofContinue reading “How To Not Look Like A Sex Offender At Forever XXI”

I will never…

I will never speak with a British ¬†accent. Or Australian. I will never sound like Paul McCartney or John Cleese or even like Crocodile Dundee, pepper my sentences with the word “bloody”, and refer to people as blokes. I will never be hired to narrate a movie about space, or nature, where my voice withContinue reading “I will never…”