There is no place like home

Every time I visit my friends and relatives on the East Coast the question I am being asked the most is “when will you finally move here”. I have to admit that it’s a pretty tempting idea that ocasionally visits me since I moved to Kansas City almost 16 years ago.

After all they have things like:


P1000730 P1000728

Nathan’s Hot Dogs and PotatoE Balls:

P1000552 P1000551 P1000546 P1000544

Skyline, Empire State Building and The Statue of Liberty

P1000738 P1000810 P1000816 P1000732

Astroland at Coney Island

P1000560 P1000528 P1000512

Ocean with $2,000,000 condos facing it.

P1000505 P1000498 P1000499



Russian Stores and Restaurants

P1000475 P1000496 P1000577 P1000573

People who mastered parallel parking


So why do I come home every time to the city that doesn’t have any of it? Maybe that’s the reason – it doesn’t have any of it.