Old Photos: Vintage Kansas City

On my rare visit to Barnes and Noble, a store that encourages consumer to buy books online, I discovered a new batch of books containing vintage photos of Kansas City and other nearby places of interest. While I admire the effort to collect and¬†annotate¬†enough historic photos for a book, I don’t see myself paying overContinue reading “Old Photos: Vintage Kansas City”

Old Newspapers: Kansas City International Airport Dedication

This week 40 years ago the Kansas City International Airport was dedicated by Vice President Spiro Agnew. Hard to believe that it’s living out its last few years. *all images are readable if clicked

Kansas City: Still Here 30 Years After

Since there is no large-scale event like an All Star Game planned in Kansas City in the year 2013, I propose to make the 30th anniversary of the movie The Day After the theme for the year. Granted, The Day After is a horrible, poorly acted, made for TV movie, with special effects that make The 7th VoyageContinue reading “Kansas City: Still Here 30 Years After”

Schmotography 2

This post should be titled “I have a camera too, you know…”. There are people in this town who are really good at taking pictures, and then there is me. I don’t set an aperture and exposure on my camera, I just push the button. That doesn’t make me any less eager to share my photos. PlusContinue reading “Schmotography 2”

Kansas Roadtrips: Hutchinson

First, a short organizational announcement: I am trying to see if I can run a caption contest on my FB page, but so far there is only one participant and a winner by default. Feel free to join in. Next time I’ll just run it here. Driving through Kansas is never very exciting. While thereContinue reading “Kansas Roadtrips: Hutchinson”