Schmotography 2

This post should be titled “I have a camera too, you know…”. There are people in this town who are really good at taking pictures, and then there is me. I don’t set an aperture and exposure on my camera, I just push the button. That doesn’t make me any less eager to share my photos. Plus I have better captions.

All U-Hauled Away

Hallucinogenic Bus

Without Accident

Brain Drain

Wonderwoman of the Bricks

Final Resting Place

Tension is in the Air

Dandelion on Steroids

Trash, Buildings, Grass

Uni Q #18


Life After the Art Institute

Layers of History

Public Transportation on Life Support

Remember the XXs?


Both Kinds of Beer

Mazda and Schmazda

Black and Red

Tandem of Desire

Urban Forest