Russian Gourmet: Cheese-niki

I knew there was a post somewhere on this blog about the Russian pancakes made with Farmer Cheese for which I coined a term cheese-niki, but when my sophisticated gastronomical friend Katrina posted a recipe on her blog, I thought it was time to revisit the subject. There must be some unfortunate reason why the American people areContinue reading “Russian Gourmet: Cheese-niki”

Found In The Russian Store: Kissel

Here is another item you are unlikely to pick up at the Russian store – Kissel or Kisel, a fruit jelly drink for the lack of a better translation.

Gefilte Fish 101

It’s been a few months since I wrote about Gefilte Fish and, as I expected, impatient requests for the recipe did not pour into my mailbox. It doesn’t matter, you are getting it anyway; I am not letting good pictures go to waste. Before you start, get yourself into the fish-making mood by listening to the music like this.Continue reading “Gefilte Fish 101”

Summer Cooking: Old Recipe Compilation

Over the years I posted some easy recipes and now, when the City Market is brimming with fresh produce, is a good time to revisit a few of them. Some of the posts may look miss-formatted and Flickr stopped showing some of the photos when they took away their free photo hosting that used toContinue reading “Summer Cooking: Old Recipe Compilation”

Spring Gourmet: Marinated Leaf Lettuce

By a strange coincidence as I was preparing to write this, a post showed up in my reader with some research on the origins of this recipe. Apparently it has some Jewish roots and comes from the regions of Ukraine and Moldova, where people enjoyed it for years with a myriad of variations. It hasContinue reading “Spring Gourmet: Marinated Leaf Lettuce”