Driving Central Missouri: Jefferson City

Driving Central Missouri: Jefferson City

Continuing further East past California,MO U.S.Route 50 enters Missouri State Capital – Jefferson City. Only a lazy Missourian hasn’t visited Jefferson City or at least looked at its photos so I am not going to wear you out with my own.

Missouri State Capitol is similar to its sisters in Topeka,KS and Springfield,IL, but, unlike more hospitable Kansas, one cannot get to the top of the dome without a State Representative.

A nice view of the river…

…and currently dry fountains are located on the North side of the Capitol.

Missouri owns world’s largest souvenir Liberty Bell with a lovingly replicated crack.

In the olden days, men wore short pants to draw attention to their fashionable footwear.

State Constitution is also on display nearby.

Governor’s mansion is visible through the leafless trees.

The front of the Capitol is adorned with sculptures…

…of Jefferson…

…and some nudes…

…but according to the current state law, one cannot approach the female statue closer than 6 feet, unless she is wearing a sports bra (sports bra is provided at the guards’ desk upon request). Approaching and even touching the male sculpture is allowed and even encouraged.

Inside the building there are numerous paintings…

…the most photographed door…

…and Thomas Hart Benton’s murals┬áin the third floor Congressional Lounge room (the door is automatic and not locked).

There are photographs of every legislative body from the time when they were all of the same color, gender and haircut to the modern day.

The longest-serving Missouri legislator remembers the days Before Christ.

Some old buildings are located on the South side of the Capitol.

Unless there is a bus waiting for you…

…it’s time to get back on the road to St.Louis. There were few other things to see but it was getting dark so we just drove all the way to the end of our trip.

A word of caution: somewhere past Linn,MO a giant deer-sized man-eating turkey will jump out of the woods in front of your car. Do not look him in the eye and you will be OK.

Other than that, Route 50 is a great way to skip the routine and enjoy some Missouri sightseeing.