Postcard From Topeka

My Momma always said: Topeka is like a box of CrackerJack… sorry, wrong post…
For a long time I had in mind to climb to the top of the Kansas State Capitol and take a good bird’s-eye look at the great state of Kansas where the Capitol just happened to be located.

One good thing about our state’s capital is meetings. There was some kind of meeting about clean air and stuff.

To have a good meeting you always need:
Old ladies with signs and canes.

Cute chicks.

Women-voters (with an occasional stray man holding on to the sign).

A fat kid with the sign about what he wants to be when he grows up.

A union guy who hasn’t done any work in the past 20 years.

A bike-riding hippie with dreadlocks.

And a fat dude wearing an apocalyptic t-shirt.

I don’t recycle and I don’t want to die so we moved on to the next death threat.

Inside the capitol we got busy climbing 296 steps to the top.

The internal dome looks like this from the outside.

The legend is:if you make a wish inside the dome it will come true. But it doesn’t always work.

From the top you can check if your car didn’t get towed.

Meeting participants were still lingering on, checking the air quality after the meeting.

Inside, a group of people lined up for a photo-op in a mutually uncomfortable formation (because normal people are listening to the speech facing the speaker).


That’s the inner dome from the inside.

The truth truck was right – governor must have perished, good thing I didn’t flip them off.

Visit Topeka!