And Then There Were Three

Today this blog turns three years old. And this is my post number 950. While I realize that the time I spend thinking about, writing and re-writing this blog could’ve been spent more productively, I don’t regret doing it at all. Although no one knocks on my door with lucrative (and non-lucrative) offers and screaming female groupies do not throw underwear at me when they see me, this blog gave me something better – a group of interesting people who I enjoy corresponding and meeting with in real life; a satisfaction that someone (more than one) reads this and finds time to comment; a place to share my thoughts, memories, stories and recipes; and, most importantly, it saves me from being bored and lonely.

And now, for the musical part of this post I am including a few of my favorite songs.


Chervona Ruta:


Call Me:


Thanks for reading all these years….