Duck Funkin Donuts

As much as hate and avoid various meet-ups, tweet-ups, social events, flash-mobs, actions with noble goals and everything that comes with it, it’s totally different when I do it.

Instead of participating in anything, just stop by and have a donut at the John’s Space Age Donuts in Overland Park this Wednesday from 8 to 10 (or whatever time works for you).

Photo by Eric Cartner

This Wednesday, May 19th, wasn’t picked at random. It’s the Soviet Pioneer Day. On this day a certain chain opens another location just down the the street, so an old donut shop which has been around since 1967 can use a few more customers. John’s Space Age Donuts are better anyway and I am buying the first dozen.

Photo by Eric Cartner

Besides free donuts (if you are fast), there may be local celebrity sightings, and you will enjoy not being part of the herd stampeding to fill up on the mediocre East Coast pastries.

Facebook page is here.

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