Learning on someone else’s mistakes is sadly not a quality well-developed in most people, leaving the ones who already know the outcome to sit and watch another crash and burn just to say “I told you so” when it’s all said and done. Many people already have experiences similar to the ones about to be encountered by the American people; they recognize the similarities and know the lessons, but it’s next to impossible to overcome the “it can’t happen here” attitude. Knowing that, I long ago limited the amounts of “I told you so” I dispense on the daily basis.

The above explains why I am not going to dwell on the video below posted by the LAPD:

My favorite part is on the 27th second when the actor says “let the law enforcement determine if it’s a threat” and the other one says “let the experts decide”. Anyone with the knowledge of the Soviet history would draw a connection the the Great Purges of 1930’s when regular citizens were encouraged to uncover the “enemies of the state” among their friends, neighbors, co-workers and even relatives. Even small things could be important to the wise authorities, who will then decide if your  elderly uncle is really a foreign spy. Authorities wouldn’t send an innocent person to a labor camp for 20 years, right? Most people informed on their friends and relatives with the best and the purest of intentions (except in cases where they wanted to expand their living space once another “spy” gets arrested).
The “authorities” of the Soviet 1930’s would be proud of this video but they had their own means of propaganda.

Be Vigilant! Uncover the enemy under any mask!
The enemy is deceitful - be vigilant!
Vigilance is our weapon! Be Vigilant!

Written on the snake “Spying, Sabotage, Provocation”.

Foreign spies are seeking out drunks. It's well-known that drunks speak their mind.
Militiaman! Be Vigilant! You can't lose your alertness even for a minute!
Blabbermouth - enemy's treasure!
Be vigilant everywhere. Remember, the enemy is mean and deceitful!
Your chatter is helping the enemy!
Don't even try!

The book in soldier’s hand is “Great Patriotic War 1941-1945“. One of the medals is the Hero of The Soviet Union. In the lower left, clutching the atomic bomb and a torch of global destruction is Uncle Sam.

People, be vigilant! (The snake spells "revanchism")
Vigilance is our weapon!
Be Vigilant! Comrade, don't let peaceful days fool you! Throw your kindheartedness out! Remember, the enemy is among us!
Be vigilant! The enemy doesn't sleep!

Uncle Sam’s bony fingers holding a wad of cash and a binocular peering at the map of the USSR.

Don't Yak! The enemy is listening!
The types of spy accessories

Top left: “long tongue” can disclosed military secrets.
Bottom Left: “rose colored glasses” make wolves seem like harmless goats.
Top right: “making elephant out of the fly” (like mountain out of the mole hill).
Bottom right: “catch the enemy’s helpers, be on guard”.

No Chatter! Be on guard, these days even walls are listening! Idle chatter and rumors are not that far from treason!