Mustachioed Celebrity I Resemble The Most

Let me preface this by saying: I despise ugly video-bloggers. If you don’t look like this but still have something important to say, please do everyone a favor and type it; your wife lied to you when she said you were handsome, you are not. That said, my charity participation gives me a temporary excuse to use any means possible to collect the money and help out the people with prostate cancer.

So far my team has almost $500 collected and even more pledged. Thanks to your generous support and your sudden unexplained interest in Google Ads on this website I collected $50 so far and another $90 was donated to me and the team as a direct result of my various forms of begging for money on Facebook, Twitter and in person. As a cheap person I feel your pain, but extend your hand and feel the pain of prostate cancer (not there…little lower…stillĀ  lower…to the left…right here…ooooh) and you will understand why I defaced my own face by growing a mustache.

As the Month of Movember progressed along, my uncanny resemblance of a certain celebrity became obvious.


I am sure after seeing this you immediately recognized my mustache-double, but below is a clue for the slow ones among you.

Please donate to me or to my team, it’s a good cause and a good time for women to reciprocate for all the pink stuff in our houses.

In the meantime I will try not to appear in any more video features on this blog.

More info can be found here.