Blockbuster Says Good Bye, Netflix Says Hello

Years ago I had a subscription with Netflix, until Blockbuster went into DVD-by-mail business and lured me away with a better deal. Four years and 800 DVD’s later their deal is not so good anymore. Slowly the value has eroded and with the last policy change it’s not worth sticking around.

netflix_logoNetflix still had my account information and I was able to restart it with just a few clicks. I was also entitled to a free month as a result of a class action settlement. I updated the feed on the left of this page to reflect my Netflix Queue. I am starting out with the 2-DVD plan with unlimited streaming and will see if it can satisfy my movie habit.
With Redbox and Netflix as the competition, Blockbuster needs to find other ways to stay in business besides being an outlet where you can get a movie in a hurry. I am pretty sure I got my money’s worth during my Blockbuster years. In the end, I didn’t feel like overpaying and they didn’t feel like providing a competitively-priced service.
Some may say we had irreconcilable differences. And I always liked red better anyway…