Found In The Russian Store: Hot Smoked Fish

If I was ever to create an air freshener or an aromatic candle or, dare I say, a fragrance, it would have a smell of smoked fish. It’s the smell that combines the sea air, fresh caught fish, a smoldering fire on the beach, sounds of seagulls in the sky, a small boat on the horizon lit up by theContinue reading “Found In The Russian Store: Hot Smoked Fish”

Russian Gourmet: Cheese-niki

I knew there was a post somewhere on this blog about the Russian pancakes made with Farmer Cheese for which I coined a term cheese-niki, but when my sophisticated gastronomical friend Katrina posted a recipe on her blog, I thought it was time to revisit the subject. There must be some unfortunate reason why the American people areContinue reading “Russian Gourmet: Cheese-niki”

Russian Gourmet: Mushroom Soup With Barley

Well, I am actually not so sure about it being Russian, but it’s definitely a gourmet recipe shared by my Mom. What prompted me to make it was a visit to a local soup place where I paid four dollars for a ladle of mushroom soup. For some reason that price really bothered me; I’veContinue reading “Russian Gourmet: Mushroom Soup With Barley”

Panaderia San Luis

Few days ago I was getting a haircut and noticed that some culinary business next door had been replaced by a Mexican Bakery. I asked the lady who was cutting my hair if she tried it yet, but she sounded hesitant to try something different. I, on the other hand, can’t pass a bakery ofContinue reading “Panaderia San Luis”