Random Thoughts

1.If you produce any media content and:

  • Use words “old man winter”, “frightful” and variations of  “ho ho ho”;
  • Any of your productions include Santa, elves and talking reindeer;
  • You “cleverly” arranged a commercial to some Christmas tune;

Please quit, or better yet – kill yourself.

2. If I dialed your cell phone but instead of ringing I am forced to listen to music, I will probably not be calling you again. I don’t share your taste in music and you sure as hell don’t share mine. Please stop being a douche and turn it off.

3. When the road is slick and I am trying to keep some reasonable distance to the car in front of me, I am doing it so I don’t get killed, not to create a perfect spot for you to merge. Stay in your damn lane, there is a good probability that my wish to see you in a ditch will some day come true.

4. I am thinking about converting this blog a single woman’s blog about dating. They get 30 comments for just saying things like: “He showed up last night and we sealed the deal”, I write a Russian accent masterpiece and have 1 comment and have to delete it because it’s spam. I think I can do it.

That’s all folks!