WTF Illustrated: Holiday Edition

One picture is worth….

  • So “DOOs” are a good thing? I hate to see the “DON’Ts”. Some MO state park employee got paid for this.


And on the subject of DOO’s.

  • If you ever wanted a scale with an opinion, this one is for you. Currently the display says “UH-OH”, you must be getting heavier. If you continue gaining weight, the scale will just make a disgusted face and possibly puke. Cut out from the sales flier.


  • You may be able to read this billboard now, but the only way you can do it from your car is if you crash right into it. Too bad that would be after “the bad things happen”. This one is located at the merge of I-35 and 71 HWY.


  • I wonder if this car ever parks by KFC.




  • This one required a second look to decipher. Does it actually say “Our 4 little ones?”. I guess this pattern would work up to and including 9 little ones.


Happy holidays Thanksgiving!