iDay started early. I poured some iCoffee iNto my iMug and was on my iWay. I jumped on i35, my iCar weaving iN iTraffic and iN the blink of an i, I was looking for an iSpot iN the iGarage.As always iWork iNvolved a lot of iTalking on my non-iPhone and otherwise passing some iTime. On my iWay to iHome I stopped by iCostco to pick up a few iTems. “This is something iNeed”, iThought to iSelf noticing the cool-looking iPencil iSharpener aptly named iPoint, “and what a clever iDea to iName iT that iWay”.

iN the end iDecided to save the iMoney, I don’t even use iPencils. You may ask what was the iPoint of this iStory. iDon’t know. I just like to meet the iDiot who thinks that putting a letter “i” iN front of every iWord iS such a great iDea and makes some iProdcut iNstantly iHip. iT doesn’t.
Jam that iPont iNto your i!