Rednecks from way back

Civil War on the Border is coming to Olathe this weekend. Since I literally live across the street from the “battlefield” we try to go every year. Besides interesting historical demonstrations and historically accurate outfits, two things always amaze me during this event. One, is how geeky and ridiculous these people look trying to stay in character all weekend, riding their horses to the convenience store, and speaking with imaginary “old-timey” accents. The other thing is that there is no good-looking people there. With my own looks, my standards are low. This place makes me look like Brad Pitt.
It’s fun and it’s free, so check it out for yourself. I suggest timing your visit to see the battle at the conclusion of both days. Somehow, fat guys always die first since they can’t run too far. There will be gun and cannon fire, smoke, horses, food and crafts. And most of all, a reminder that war sucked then and still sucks now.
Here are some of my pictures from previous year:

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