What size is you condominum?

When I first started this blog I was like many other bloggers poaching pictures from other sites. Then I realized that there is plenty of original content around me, in my daughter’s school, on the streets, around the house. I will still use other people’s photos when they fit the subject but it’s always nice to add something of my own. On the related note, the owner of the persimmon photo that I used long time ago was actually appreciative of my link.Thanks Milgwimper!
Back to the subject. Spelling is one of my biggest pet peeves. Spelling errors somehow don’t look right to me. I can out-spell most of the people I know, maybe as a result of a different way I learned the language. For the record, spelling errors in Russian bother me just as much. The best way to let the world know that you can’t spell is to write something on a sign and put it on a busy intersection (where a certain blogger had to drive in circles before finding a moment to take a shot). This sign, by the way, has another side which is spelled exactly the same. I realize that the word “condominium” is hard to spell and the only person who would notice the error is some Russian Jew driving around this corner and what are the chances of that happening? About the same as the chances of fat, weird-looking schmuck with an accent to find a date. Well, shit happens.

As a public service, I am offering to proofread any signs before they are posted in public. You know where to find me, Rose Construction.

P.S. After I finished writing this, I received an email from a dating site. The ad I clicked on was titled “Grab the Bicardi and let’s party!”. I hate to think what she means by Bicardi but she is definitely not grabbing mine.