PSA: Does Kansas City Owe You An E-Tax Refund?

It’s time for my annual Public Service Announcement about checking your eligibility for the Kansas City, Missouri Earnings Tax refund. From the point of view of someone who doesn’t reside in the KCMO but is unfortunate to work there, the Earnings Tax is a way to confiscate 1% of a person’s gross income and hand it over to what what one blog refers to as a “privileged class”, so they can continue to enjoy a tax free lifestyle.

Without having to repeat my views on the subject which I’ve previously described in great detail, I will just provide a link to the tax forms you need to fill out to get a refund for the days you worked outside the city limits. You will need to fill out forms RD-109 and RD-109NR which states: “Nonresidents who work both inside and outside the city can make a deduction of salary based on whole days worked out of the city”. The second form has an instruction page describing the calculations and all the necessary documentation (which doesn’t need to be mailed in) such as appointment and travel records.

Unless you work outside the city limits often, your refund will probably not be huge, but any amount is better residing in your pocket than subsidizing someone’s trips to the P&L. Every day you worked outside KCMO counts – training, off-site work, conferences, work-related travel, etc., will chip away at the amount you owe. Your tax program does not include these forms and the City does a good job of not advertising the refund availability.

Don’t hold your breath for the e-tax to be voted down any time soon – get your money back today!

  • Worse still: you work in Kansas. But Kansas is so caught up subsidizing exurban strip-mall development that they can’t afford to pay the refunds (or even it’s own school districts) on time.

    • Last several years I always owed money to KS, but my Mom always got her
      refund within few weeks. At least if you live and work in KS you can
      technically vote for whatever you want (not that I do it,
      hence “technically”)

  • I Trave for JOOLS

    Well, you may have just saved my son-in-law several hundred dollars of his paycheck since he just took a new job where he will work 2 days in the K.C. office and 3 days from home in Kansas. I’m sure he didn’t know about this till now.

    I knew there was a reason I check this blog regularly 🙂

  • Bob

    I had the tax mistakenly withheld from my paycheck, as I never worked in KC at all. I applied for a refund a year ago, and I have yet to receive a reply, let alone a refund. I guess it goes without saying that I have very low regard for the KC government, enough so that I do my best to avoid doing business in the city. Perhaps if enough of us do that, the citizens of KC with throw the creeps out.

  • Blondetricia

    Thank you. People should note that if they live in Kansas and take vacation and holidays, they are not working in KC and therefore entitled to the refund. Also if they are salaried, then their income is technically spread over 7 days, not 5. That means they get a refund on the days they are not in KC.

  • Jeff Hewitt

    I have filed for a refund the past 2 years as I have lived abroad (Australia) but received my pay from KC. Of course I am eligible to get the full 1% refund. But of course, I have not received anything – no refund, no letter explaining… Anybody else have a similar experience? Any advice?

    • I am just a guy who wrote this post, so please don’t take financial advice from me. I would suggest you contact:

      Mari Ruck, Commissioner of Revenue

      City Hall, Second Floor

      414 E. 12th St.

      Kansas City, MO. 64106

      Phone: 816-513-1120