Polishing The Old Sausage

It’s true what they say: eating sausage is like riding a bicycle, do it slow and everything will be OK. For years I was longing for a firm piece of sausage that would taste like real meat. Industrial sausages are like marital aids – they may have the right look and size but they just don’t taste right. Finally I got tired of living with mediocre impostor sausages, the time was right to visit Krizman’s House of Sausage in Kansas City, KS (<–click on the link for the address to magically appear).
Finding Krizman’s is pretty easy. Moving North on the 6th street, go past “Fat Matt’s Vortex”.

This view on the right is a good sign you are on the correct track.

Slow down by the VFW post.

Right by the tattooed chick…

…turn left into the parking lot.

If you are driving past this…

…you missed it.
Just to reiterate, this should be the view ahead of you…

…and this is where you came from.

According to this site, Krizman’s has been making the real sausages since 1939. The assortment is not mind-boggling and the Polish sausage seems to be the item most women people want. If you are lucky, Vice President Joe Krizman himself will weigh you several hefty links of this delicious sausage. While I was in the store they were packing a special order of sausage to be shipped off to California where the sausage seems to be in high demand but there is an unexplained abundance of tacos.

Krizman’s Polish Sausage costs just little over $4/lb leaving no excuse to munch on a limp corporate sausage.

For those who crave some exotic sausages they offer blood sausage and other unusual varieties, but I am just a traditional Polish sausage guy.

On the way home I took a few pictures of this church with an Orthodox Christian-looking cupola…

…and a view of the downtown worthy of showing to people who will never visit this area.

Leaving Kansas City,KS I thought that Krizman’s should call themselves Joyeria to better reflect on the small pleasures they share with the sausage lovers everywhere.

Fresh sausage calling my name from the back seat of my car, I drove home to enjoy the rest of my day.

  • The D

    That looks like the church at Barnett and N 4th on Strawberry Hill. If it is its St. Johns and has a bowling ally in the basement. You can rent it out for parties. Beers are one dollar.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve always wondered what sort of church that was.  I love the cupola.

  • This was a fun entry. I like most any view of the downtown skyline.

  • Actually, I think that church is St. Casmir’s, I think St. John is the one next to the Strawberry Hill Museum. I’m not sure…Nice sausage, Meesha!

  • Strawberry Hill is the Kansas version of Sugar Creek… settled by Croats/Czechs/Serbians, etc. Lots of sexy Bohunks there and good food, if you know where to look

  • I see you spent the time waiting for me to quit making wrong turns, getting lost, and find the place productively. Great pictures.

    Thanks for letting me taste your sausage! Not really my thing (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but I’m an adventurous fellow.

  • Rick

    Meesha, have you tried Fritz’s Smoked Meats at 104th and State Line, next to Gates BBQ? It’s quite a protein palace … though the hot dog I had there for lunch the other day was kinda dry, I’ve had good, hefty dogs from there cooked on the home grill … Not a Polish sausauge man, myself …

  • Rick,I tried Frit’z,they have the best smoked bacon, I even wrote about it.

  • jack

    try their fresh kraut. There used to be a small market around the corner that had homemade sausage and povitica Saudecki’s?
    closed in the mid 80’s i think

  • Well, technically you are talking about kielbasa. What they call sausage in US/UK doesn’t bear relating to…

    • I am pretty sure kielbasa is sausage in Polish. Just like Chai means tea in a number of languages, but in US people order “Chai Tea”