Checked Off My Bucket List: London


Haphazard, light-on-planning style of travel we practice is not for everyone. Before leaving on the summer trip to Europe I haven’t done a lot of research, instead I directed my kid to find and write down everything she wants to see and do, while I would take care of the travel arrangements. So upon

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By now only a lazy person didn’t make a trip to Bentonville, AR to check out the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art – the first major art museum opened in the USA in the past 40 years. The road to Bentonville is fast and easy and if you are bored, there are places to

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Weird Missouri: Precious Moments

The Chapel at Precious Moments is just as beautiful as the Sistine Chapel. I have been to both. Obviously Precious Moments was painted in a more modern style, but they are on the same level. Amazing Place!

No. I did not make this up.

I’ve seen many things during my

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Driving Missouri: Nevada

Nevada, MO has everything I am looking for in a small town – liveliness, old buildings, murals and a county courthouse. In accordance with a Missouri State custom, Nevada is not pronounced the way it’s spelled; addressing it as anything but Ne-vay-duh will expose you as an outsider.

We made a stop in Nevada on

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South Beach, Florida

People don’t come to this here blog for good photos, so I have a reputation to uphold. This post contains plenty of mediocre photos of South Beach, photos just like you would take on your own trip with your hundred dollar camera. And that’s my goal: feel free to show these photos to your friends

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