South Beach, Florida

People don’t come to this here blog for good photos, so I have a reputation to uphold. This post contains plenty of mediocre photos of South Beach, photos just like you would take on your own trip with your hundred dollar camera. And that’s my goal: feel free to show these photos to your friends and relatives as your own, and if you are really fancy you can insert yourself in any of those for a complete effect.

South Beach has the air of authenticity that is hard to find anywhere in the United States. Thanks to the genius idea to preserve the Art Deco district, one could easily imagine how this place looked 40-50 years ago. If you are in town for a day or two, this is the place to be. Stay in an old hotel and spend your time sightseeing; sitting on a beach is overrated.

My kid remarked that the manequins are a lot more endowed than their Midwestern cousins.

Palm trees make everything look better.

On the Valentine’s Day love was in the air.

Flying sacks of bird crap.

God is still speaking.

Madonna part-times here.

Even though we enjoyed visiting South Beach, I didn’t feel like that’s the place I would ever want to live in. But for just a short second I did question my life and career choices.