Kansas Roadtrips: Lebo and Osage City

This time of the year is the apple season around here, the time when we make our annual trip to our favorite apple orchard in Williamsburg, KS. Over the years we’ve done quite a bit of driving in this part of Kansas, visiting small towns like Garnett and Osawatomie, Burlington, Ottawa, Williamsburg  and this year we stopped for a few minutes in Lebo and Osage City.

Nothing makes me stop in my tracks faster than a mural sighting. Of course, the magnificent murals of Coffeyville (click to be amazed) are hard to beat; Burlington comes in distant second.

Here is the mural from Lebo:

Few more from Lebo:

Osage City doesn’t have a mural, but there is a tank there:

A small downtown:

with a train depot, hotel:

an old barber shop:

and a combination tanning, video and furniture store.

And that’s all I have to say about that.