Kansas Roadtrips: Prairie Dogs of Hutchinson

There are exactly three things to do in Hutchinson, unless you count going to the mall as a thing to do – Cosmosphere, Kansas Underground Salt Museum and watching theĀ prairie dogs. Both museums are excellent, probably among the best in Midwest, but it’s the prairie dogs who put everything in perspective.

Prairie dogs represent the eternity.

Imagine a time lapse video from a prairie dog’s point of view taken over thousands of years: prairie, buffalo, Indians, white men, Indians being shipped off, wheat, salt, countless 4th of July fireworks, planes flying overhead from nearby Wichita, cars, mall, Home Depot, parking lots, people, people, people….

Prairie dog just sits on the mound and watches the life go by. Long after everything is gone and the abandoned Home Depot slowly crumbles back into the field, prairie dog will still be there doing its thing, not worried about the recession, democrats, republicans, Mayan calendar, judgement day, gas prices, and whatever else we concern ourselves with. Somehow this probably explains the meaning of life, but prairie dog doesn’t have to think about that.


This is where you find the prairie dogs.