Old Photos: Hitler

I know, I know, these are pictures of Hitler. And maybe it’s not the best idea to put them here, me being who I am. But these photos are amazing, shot by Hitler’s personal photographer Hugo Jaeger in color and such close proximity that as a fan of historic photography I cannot just pass them by. And yes, I know what was happening while Hitler was greeting adoring women, checking out cars and watching parades, and I have these photos too. If anything these photos make one wonder how a grim, plain-looking and not extremely bright individual could achieve absolute power over a civilized country.

(L-R) Ferdinand Porsche, Adolf Hitler and Robert Ley with Hitler's 50th birthday gift, the Volkswagen Beetle. ©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger

Hitler with Dr. Ferdinand Porsche (2R) at cornerstone ceremony, Fallersleben Volkswagen Works.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger
Eva Braun.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger
1938 Reichs Party Congress in Nuremburg Germany. Pictured L: Bormann, behind him SS group-leader Wolf, Hitler, on his left Sports Leader ?, Osten, behind them Himmler, Hitler's personal physician Professor Brandt.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger
November 9, 1938 march through Munich in remembrance of the Putsch. Front row, L to R: Dr. Weber, Goering, Hitler, and Graf. 2nd row: unidentified, Professor Schultze, and Rosenberg.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger
Hitler & Mussolini observing Italian Army maneuvers.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger
Aboard the KDF Ship Robert Ley on its maiden voyage. L: Mrs. Ley, and Hitler (wearing Arbeitsfront cap).©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger
Adolf Hitler & Benito Mussolini riding in limo through streets flanked by black uniformed Italian Fascists; during Hitler's state visit.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger
Hitler in Wilhelmshaven for the launching of the battleship Tirpitz.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger
Adolf Hitler giving raised arm "Heil Hitler" salute to troops along the road before attending the Reich Party Congress.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger
Hitler at the Berghof, Obersalzburg.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger
Hitler (L) viewing the victory parade in Warsaw after the German invasion of Poland.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger
Schwarzach/St. Veith during Hitler's Austrian election campaign.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger
Nazi leader Adolf Hitler saluting leaders & men of the Legion Condor, German Luftwaffe troops which fought alongside Spanish Nationalist troops in the Spanish Civil war, during a rally held in their honor upon their return.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger
Hitler at New Year's reception in the Chancellery. R with back to camera, Attolico (?) Vatican minister.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger
(L) to (R): Ribbentrop, Mussolini (almost hidden), Hitler, Hess, Lammers,and Bodenschatz during Hitler's state visit to Italy.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger
L to R: Professor Morrel, wife of Gauletier Forster and Hitler at Hitler's Obersalzburg house. No date given.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger
Hitler during the parade celebrating the Legion Condor on its return from Spain.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger
Hitler, Himmler (behind & left), Lutze (2 to R of Hitler) at cornerstone ceremony, Fallersleben Volkswagen Works.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger
Hitler aboard the KDF Ship Robert Ley on its maiden voyage.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger