Old Photos: Times Square Through The Years

Few images of New York’s Times Square through the years.

Lights in Times Square being dimmed to conserve energy during WW II.April 1942.© Time Inc.William C. Shrout

Lights in Times Square being dimmed to conserve energy during WW II.April 1942.© Time Inc. William C. Shrout
Sailor from the French battleship Richelieu visiting Times Square.1943. © Time Inc.John Phillips
Pigeons and loiterers (visitors) gathered in cement island in the middle of Broadway in Times Square.October 1944.© Time Inc.Peter Stackpole
Strolling blind musician playing guitar and harmonica along Broadway at night in the Times Square Area. "Mr. Skeffington" is playing at the Selwyn Theater across the street.1944.© Time Inc.Peter Stackpole
Huge crowd gathered in Times Square to celebrate VE-Day, the end of WWII in Europe.May 08, 1945.© Time Inc.Herbert Gehr
Happy sailor kissing nurse in Times Square during impromptu VJ Day celebration following announcement of the Japanese surrender and the end of WWII.August 14, 1945.© Time Inc. Alfred Eisenstaedt
Brownout Time Square.November 1946.© Time Inc.Herbert Gehr
Man feeding pigeons in an empty Times Square during a taxi strike.1948.© Time Inc.Yale Joel
Time Square Brownout.February 02, 1950.© Time Inc.Andreas Feininger
Actress Audrey Hepburn looking up at billboards in middle of Times Square, recently in town for run of Broadway show "Gigi," in which she is starring.1951Motion picture marquees over pedestrians walking along 42 Street in Times Square.June 1952.© Time Inc.Alfred Eisenstaedt
People buying out of town newspapers in Times Square during newspaper strike.December 1953.© Time Inc.Ralph Morse
A man walking through Time Square.December 1954.© Time Inc.Peter Stackpole
New Years Party Times Square.1956.© Time Inc.Walter Sanders
Musical vocal group "The Hullabaloos" in Times Square.April 1965.© Time Inc.John Loengard
Various pornographic stores and theaters lighting up Times Square with neon lights.July 1986.© Time Inc.Ted Thai
Electric billboards lighting up night time Times Square scene.February 1988.© Time Inc.Ted Thai
November 1996.© Time Inc.
NEW YORK TIMES publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. on rooftop overlooking twilight-lit Times Square.1997.© Time Inc.Ted Thai
Times Square during the New Year's celebration at the stroke of midnight beginning the new year, new century and new millennium.2000.© Time Inc.Ted Thai