Sal Is Turning In His Grave (If He Is Dead That Is)

Sometimes even I don’t feel like being cheap. One of those rare occasions is when I buy ice cream. Cheap ice cream is made with a large array of chemicals and additives usually not associated with food. On top of that, cheap ice cream has more air whipped into it and you actually get less product for the money. Not being cheap, however, takes a lot of effort so there are times when I slip.

I turn the container and read a touching story of Sal Belfonte and his childhood dream of feeding the world with delicious ice cream, pure and fresh, with best ingredients and “pure cane sugar to make it as sweet as first love”.

Apparently old Sal’s recipe wasn’t cutting it, or maybe pure cane sugar wasn’t sweet enough to keep the first love going, so his dream now includes corn syrup and high fructose corn sweetener, artificial flavoring and other tasty nuggets of love. Not my idea of “sheer delight”.

Now I don’t mind a bit of marketing and a heart-warming story about your brand, but you could at least try not to be so obvious – either use awesomely wholesome ingredients you write about, or drop the bit about being old-fashioned and pure.

It takes a lot to convince me to buy more expensive stuff. Treating me as a moron is one way to do it.

*Written while eating Häagen-Dazs®.