Be More Cynical

I knew I will be using this clip for today’s post the minute I saw it few years ago. It embodies my feelings on the yesterday’s election results, when all the theatrically emotional and inspired “hope and change” finally crashed into the wall of reality and rained down in small bits of bitterness and disappointment over blogs, Facebook, and twitter.

It couldn’t have ended any different . Anyone who could see through Oprah’s made for TV tears, past post-election self-congratulations, and over the faux-civil-rights march up the Capitol steps to sign a huge giveaway to the health insurance companies, knew that this was going to happen. You can blame “the party of No”, or George W.Bush, or the “teabaggers”, or Fox News, or anyone else you think is at fault, but someday, when you get tired of typing angry updates on Facebook, you will realize that the real problem was with your own party, whose members had to be bribed to vote on the legislation they were elected to pass; whose candidates used every political ad to denounce their ties to the President who they were elected to support; whose idiotic political maneuvering had no intention of passing important legislation but was instead trying to cast Republicans as obstructionist for the thousandth time.

So as one group of crooks, thieves and liars is getting replaced by another group of crooks, thieves and liars with lower IQ, promise yourself to be more cynical, to look at things as they are, harsh and grim and dirty and maybe the next time you will not be so disappointed and bitter and sad. Maybe you should realize that the people you think are the champions for the little guy are just using you and your idealism for their own enrichment. They are using you just like the other side plays on fears, false nostalgia and misguided patriotism to achieve their goals. You are just like them, easily manipulated but with a slightly different set of buttons, and not an independent free-thinker you fancy yourself to be.

The truth is that the reforms were and are still needed, but the cowards you elected chose their own interest over yours and are leaving without doing the right thing. Maybe all those people who were passing around “I remember which party screwed us” videos will remember the next time to elect the people who will stick to their principles and campaign promises and will not sell you out.

Welcome to the next two years of clusterfuck.

St. Louis Voters Circus, Clayton, Missouri © Time Inc. Ralph Crane