The Lips I Am Missing

The month of Movember is winding down and soon I will reunite with my upper lip currently occupied by this disaster:

If you were waiting until now to see if I stick to my commitment, it’s time to open your wallet and show your love for the people with prostate cancer. Many of my teammates were very successful with their efforts and now we are closing in on $700 for the team, which, to be honest, greatly exceeded my expectations. Although I am nowhere close to being a top fundraiser in my team, I think the whole experience was worthwhile and rewarding. I got to experience what it’s like to have some semblance of a mustache for the first time in my life. For those of you who never had a mustache, it feels like being stuck doing cunnilingus full-time, and while it may be pleasant at first, this is a clear case of a “too much of a good thing”.
Over the past month I collected enough “Yo Mustache” jokes for a small book. Maybe I can publish one and use it to collect money for the next Movember if I ever decide to participate again.
No one claimed their chance in my charity “kissing with a molester look-alike booth”, charity dates or other inventive fund-raising opportunities I offered. I am pretty sure this has to do with the repulsive mustache photos I’ve been posting here.
In any case, there will still be a wrap-up report and a giveaway as promised, and the hated thing will come off my face on December 1st. Thanks to everyone who commented, donated or just cheered and encouraged me throughout this month.