Things To Ponder

Do you think state troopers hate when everyone slows down around them to 5 miles below the speed limit even when they are not on the prowl for offenders but just going to the nearest donut shop to get a dozen glazed? (Why the hell is the word “donut” not in my spellchecker, but the word “spellchecker” is?) On the other hand, every time you annoy a state trooper an angel gets a pair.

Have you ever tried to look at the top of your head, say, to figure out if you still have hair there or if it’s already an ever expanding bald spot? Seems like it requires a two-mirror solution and lots of neck contortions.

And speaking of bald spots: if you ever see me sporting this haircut, I hereby give you permission to put me out of my misery. Just print out this post and do what you have to do. It will totally stand up in court.