Who Are The Ad Wizards Who Came Up With This One?

The ad wizards who thought it was a great idea to put small print on a highway billboard came up with another gem.
Here are my suggestions for the future billboards:

  • My car kicked your car’s rear end;
  • My car’s big black tailpipe is longer than your car’s tailpipe;
  • My car took away your car’s gas money;
  • My car swallowed a luxury car and now it craps exhausts luxury;
  • My car voted for McCain;

If you come up with your own winning caption I will throw in up to 700 miles for your choice of a magazine subscription.

Continuing with the subject of advertising if your child is composing/performing a jingle about the hemorrhoid treatment¬† center, you are within your rights to demand back all the money you’ve spent on the music lessons. (the jingle starts on the 20th second of the clip).