To All My Secret Admirers

Once in a while I try to search for the links to my blog. I like to know who has time to read this stuff or liked it enough to link, email or even add it to their Google Reader. Apparently no search is comprehensive and I keep finding new links all the time. The other day, while looking through my stats I found another blog that links to mine under the heading “Blog Friends, Art and Food”. I am pretty sure that I don’t belong in “art”, so now I am left to ponder whether I am a “blog friend” or a “food”. This gave me an idea: I’d like to know my admirers. If you linked to me but never commented, or my blog shows up in your RSS feed (i.e. Google Reader, etc.) this is your time to shine. Wow, I couldn’t come up with any non-cliche sentence to say what I just said (today is your day? come out of the shadows?). Please leave a comment so I know who you are.

I originally started this blog to waste time, meet people and have my own female groupies. While the last part didn’t work out so well, I do successfully waste a lot of time and I did meet some interesting and weird people. Why not add yourself to my growing list of imaginary friends? Of course if you are my female groupie, skip the comment section and contact me directly right away. I’ll be here waiting…

Secret Friend
Why not make yourself