The weather outside is….

I just knew that some weatherman would say it today. “The weather outside is frightful…” Someone should have come out and tasered that stupid son of a bitch right there. Especially that the weather wasn’t frightful today and the schools were closed based on the incorrect forecast. Olathe school district didn’t even wait to look outside the window to see what’s going on, they announced the school closing the night before. Teachers love themselves a day off. Maybe we should learn a lesson from the 3rd world countries.
A Brazil forecaster has been landed in hot water over a wrong prediction.Luiz Carlos Austin may end up in court after the cold, driving rains that he predicted for Rio de Janeiro on New Year’s Eve never materialized.Rio’s Mayor, Cesar Maya, wants charges brought over the fumbled forecast.The city’s acting chief prosecutor, Alberto Guimaraes Jr, said the TV forecast could have touched off a citywide panic on 31 December.
Mr Austin, of the National Meteorological Institute, would be charged with “sounding a false alarm“, which could land him with a six-month jail sentence.

I know that weather prediction is not an exact science, then maybe the should stop acting like it is with all the graphics, moving displays and one-degree-guarantees.