English words not used in real life

Once in awhile I run across a word that I never heard mentioned in a real life conversation. Sometimes it’s in a book or a commercial or elsewhere and the common thread is that there is nothing wrong with the word, I know what it means, I just never heard it in the normal conversation. George Carlin talked about the word “zesty“, it’s commonly used in commercials but I never heard anybody open their mouth and say “this is really zesty”.
Another word that always intrigues me is “grassy knoll“. I’ve been to Dallas and saw the grassy knoll, I even looked up the word knoll ( small natural hill, if you didn’t know) but I’ve never heard someone say “I will be mowing my grassy knoll today”. (I should copyright a new pick-up line: wanna see my grassy knoll?)
So I’d like to know

  1. Was the grassy knoll in Dallas named that before or after the Kennedy assassination?
  2. Have you ever used the word grassy knoll not in reference to the Dealey Plaza?
  3. Have you ever heard this word used in normal conversation?

I have more of these zesty questions in store for you.